Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’ foundation doesn’t work with many of her fans


Last year, Lady Gaga began the Born This Way foundation to help combat bullying. However, she is having a difficult time spreading the message to her fans. Yesterday, it was revealed that Gaga fans have been bullying Kelly Osbourne about her weight. Now, a popular Gaga fansite calledLittle Monster Artpop is making fun of Madonna and her fans for allegedly being responsible for spreading AIDS.

This is seriously vile as it shows pictures of men with AIDS and makes fun of the concept. Madonna was at the forefront of the AIDSmovement in the 1980s. While gay men were dropping dead and many in the public soon treated them like terrorists, Madonna stood up for gay people and those with AIDS. She held the very first AIDS benefit concert in 1987 at Madison Square Garden. She constantly preached about safe sex to her fans at a time when nobody even wanted to deal with the issue.

Over the past few weeks, there have been several reports of bullying from Lady Gaga fans. Besides the Kelly Osbourne and Madonna incidents, several fans made racist remarks aboutRihanna and have said horrible things about Taylor Swift on her birthday.



By LittleMonster Posted in News

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