Kelly Osbourne gets picked on by Lady Gaga fans: ‘I get called fat all the time’



Kelly Osbourne has got a problem with the fans of Lady Gaga. The two entertainers might not personally be at odds, but it appears Osbourne is the subject of negative comments from Lady Gaga fans. Sharing the miserable remarks she hears from Mother Monster’s fans, one would think it was a high school setting. On Monday Kelly Osbourne dished some of the cruel remarks she has heard.

“I get called fat all the time. A big fat whore. Lady Gaga’s fans are the worst,” said Kelly Osbourne in Fabulous Magazine about the fans. “They’ve said I should kill myself. That they hope I get raped. I mean it’s crazy but I’ve had this all my life.”

While the remarks come from people who follow Lady Gaga, it’s safe to say that the entertainer has never attacked Kelly Osbourne personally. Lady Gaga has been strong in her anti-bullying support and weight usually isn’t something she discusses when it comes to other celebrities.

Even though it isn’t Lady Gaga directly attacking the celebrity, it might be time for the entertainer to have a talk with some of the more vocal fans who are obviously being rude. It looks bad for the entertainer and it doesn’t help anyone’s self-esteem.

By LittleMonster Posted in News

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