10 Artists We Want To Hear On Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP


While rumors have been swirling about another Lady Gaga/Beyonce collaboration we couldn’t help but think of artists we’d like to see on Mother Monster’s upcoming album. Though she’s surely busy putting the final touches on her 2013 release ARTPOP, there might still be some time to add these 10 singers into the mix. Don’t let us down, Gaga!
1. The Rolling Stones

Lady Gaga gushed on Twitter last month after she took the stage with the Rolling Stones. Her life dream to perform with the band, why not add another item to the bucket list? We think a Lady Gaga/Rolling Stones collaboration would be legendary. Just imagine the dance moves and spandex suits in their music video!
I had a life dream to be transported in a time machine to 1973 NJ, beer + badboys. Someone heal me it happened + then I sang with the Stones
— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)

2. Adele

Adele had the biggest selling album of 2011 and 2012, why not give Lady Gaga a little help for 2013?

While Lady Gaga no doubt has a powerful voice we think the pairing of her and Adele trading verses alongside a stripped down track with piano accompaniment would shock the world. Make sure you have the tissues ready for this one.

3. Ke$ha

If anyone knows how to party it’s Ke$ha. If Gaga takes our suggestion to partner with Adele we’ll need some dance club beats to lighten the mood. And, who better to do this than Ke$ha? The two can compete for who wears the most glitter in the studio.

4. Taylor Swift

It’s about time for a Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift collaboration. Lady Gaga has been burned in the past by ex-boyfriends. Teaming up with Taylor for the ultimate boyfriend kissoff would be epic.

5. Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes is the newest country crossover singer. We haven’t seen a wild side to this 21-year-old wholesome heartthrob just yet but we bet it’s there. Who better to bring that out than Gaga? Since he played 32 instruments on his debut album we can only imagine what he and Lady Gaga can come up with. Plus, we’d love to see him share the stage with Gaga and play every instrument live.

6. Kendrick Lamar

It’s no secret Mother Monster is a huge fan of Kendrick Lamar. The two were even in the studio last year working on a track for Kendrick’s album good kid, M.A.A.d city. Unfortunately, the track was never officially released because Gaga wasn’t “willing to compromise musically to the changes his team was making to my music.” Why not shock the world with a collaboration, this time on her terms?

7. Katy Perry

Truthfully, we just want to see which artist will outdo herself in the costumes on this music video.

8. David Bowie

Ke$ha just collaborated with Iggy Pop on her new album, why can’t Lady Gaga take it one step further? The only person to coerce David Bowie out of retirement would no doubt be Gaga. We can only imagine what the two would come up with.

9. fun.

fun. might be the GRAMMYs biggest weirdos but we bet a collab with fellow New Yorker Gaga will push expectations for each artist even further.

10. Beyonce

Whether or not the rumors are true, we would love to see another duet with Beyonce. Less product placement in their next music video would be appreciated, though


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